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About The Brand

Valk is an exclusive brand that has made it’s mark in Australia by supporting the Australian economy and European economy. This is by only using the best European fabrics and making the garments in Sydney Australia.

Valk gives a part of the profits of each dress to ChildFund Australia. Helping children all over the world eat, live better and stay healthy. So far we have purchased bicycles, goats, chickens, sanitary bags, blankets for winter and more.

You will wear one of our dresses knowing that it is helping children, made with the best fabrics and guaranteed to fit, otherwise 100% return (if not worn/ or damaged)

How often do you have to buy underwear and a bra to suit the style of elegant dress you buy? After realising that we can save you money on these items, we decided to build in bra cups and underwear in all of our dresses. For your comfortability, support and to save you time and money.

A few images from our most recent launch event Feb 19th 2016 at Crane Bar Sydney


About the Designer

Jacqueline Valk or Jacki as she is better known has been an professional Latin & Salsa dancer for over 10 years. After making her own costumes with built in underwear and bras she realised there maybe an opportunity here.

Her mum was a designer and taught her everything she knew about patterns, fabrics and sewing. With loving parents they encouraged her to build her brand on the back of her dancing career.

She only likes to use stretch fabrics that flow around the body and feel like a second skin. Comfortable and elegant is her style. If the dress looks conservative, wait for it… and look for the edge. To each of her designs she creates a twist of difference so you can tell it’s a Valk dress.

She is always open to suggestions as you’re the ones in need. She makes time and is willing to help almost everyone. She has a great heart and all we want to is see her succeed with her unique brand.