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VALK at Sydney’s Milk Beach!

We are at Milk Beach!

Photographer- Emilio Begali          |          Fashion Model- Jacki

The famous party spot for Sydney for New year eve, new years day and VALK photo shoots!

Jumping over rocks and hiking through the bush to get the the most ideal place to shoot VALK’s Emilio and Jacki had a challenging but fun shoot trying to get the best shots in extreemly bright conditions. Finding hiding spots under the rocks made the images turn out incredible. We are extreemly happy with the result of Milk beach shoot.

Our new photographer is on board with us, who is incredible. He is professional and amazing at post production. He was organised and one of the best photographers VALK has worked with. Each dress was photographed perfectly and it wasn’t easy conditions for both Jacki and Emilio.

You can check out Emillio’s other work at