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Launch event of a lifetime.

WOW what a success.


You always remember when something really good happens. It’s a feeling to relief, euphoria and drive. Then again when all of that combined is a full day you crash at the end of it and have the best sleep you have ever had.


November 6th was the evening where last minute rushes made a fun and successful 1st event for VALK fashion.


When you launch a product at an event it is so important that you create a great atmosphere, we had students, professionals, dancers and mums there.


Next time we will get a brighter venue and add more activities as it was mostly drinking which is not what the VALK brand instills.


With a dark venue and a cute changing room it was a mystery what was going on inside the venue, Everyone was talking about it and very excited to get involved.


A lady says to the bar manager… “what’s going on over there?” He mentions it’s a fashion launch. “Hold on!” she says, while racing to the other side of the room. She comes straight to me “I want to try on that dress” so she did, and ran around the whole assembly bar asking if she looked good… “Ok every says it looks amazing, I’ll get it!”

Each purchase can be an experience..!

Remember that you make an impact on everyone who you meet. She did on me..


Now the surprise was how many men saw their woman in the Debra Dress and bought them for it because of how good it looked. I have never seen such enthusiasm for men to purchase clothing for their loved one. It is a sexy dress that underneath can look as though you aren’t wearing anything, to the mens eye it’s confusing and captivating.

Each woman looks incredible in the dress but the main achievement was that they came out of the dressing room with smiles on their faces. Honeslty it was a surpise to me because no matter what the shape it fit everyone and looked great on everyone.


some of the ladies who purchased or tried on the dress are: Samara Metri has a gorgeous voluptus body, Myklala Volker a tall woman with a gorgeous body, Jaimee Zeidan who likes baggy clothing and looked incredible, Donna Lee- is an athlete and it made her muscles look so feminine, and the list goes on.


I have to say the dresses were going off the rack like no tomorrow, we had no size 4 or size 6 left and only 2 size 8’s!

My boyfriend had to conduct the purchases while i was running getting different colours and sizes to each lady, my mum was wrapping the dresses and dad was in charge of the gift vouchers and bagging the product. We figured this out 30 mins into the night when everyone wanted to start buying, i needed to figure out a plan! Now i’ll know for next time i’ll need more help so the customers feel well looked after, but wow what a fun evening.


I’m so blessed and lucky to have an amazing support network and now new connections join me on an evening where they were supporting my dreams. It’s not often you get to showcase that.


We did it, Launching the 1st dress is always the most difficult, here we go for more to come.