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Quit your day job today!

Don’t you just want to quit your job and start a business?


Wow I really want to do that right now. Sitting at work now about 10 minutes before I start, dreading when that time clicks over.


It’s a new trend to start a business but honestly it is the fearless who succeed at it. I’m still figuring it out trying to build something on the side but making money in a day job. Thing is my day job now is in sales so i get paid on that only. To me it seems pointless. I understand when everyone tells me to make sure i have a good paying job while starting something on the side but it just makes me think i’ll work my ass off harder if nothing is secure.

We all strive of success so we do need to provide ourselves with small wins to gain more drive and significance.


I just need to get out of here. I don’t know how or what to do you but it is driving me crazy. I love organising, planning, preparing, making someone’s life better. I feel like i’m purposely not fulfilling my dreams, which is not who I want to be at all.


What is the next step from here you might say? Who knows, let’s wait and see, until then follow your dreams, don’t end up in this short life doing what you don’t enjoy to get somewhere you don’t really want to be with someone who doesn’t excite you. Stay happy, live life. Take control of you and your life. Be the inspiration for others even in your down moments they can be the most powerful for others to see what you’re capable of even when you’re not at your best. Image that.. Can you?


I’ll share with you my journey from office to success, just promise yourself that you’ll do what you love too. Believe you can, don’t listen to all of the naysayers out there. There is too many to handle.