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Lying to yourself can help you succeed

Keeping positive no matter what is extremely essential for running a business in day to day life. If you’re not in a problem solving, “i can achieve anything” attitude then you will not be in a resourceful state. When you hear your brain talking to itself saying

“humm not sure if i can do that”

“how much will that be, can i do it”

“if i don’t take the risk i’m doomed but i don’t know”

“will i end up in debt if this doesn’t work”

“i’m not sure about this”

“how can i pull this off”

“i want this so bad but have no idea how to get there”

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Honestly these are classic examples that go through my head. From the best motivational and inspirational people in the world state, that by thinking this way you’re naturally creating those words into reality. Which is completely true.

Have you ever lied about something and then the lie comes true?

Bizarrely I have this quite a bit.
Not that I enjoy or condone lying but for example i was wanting to leave a financial firm i was working in so much that i didn’t even have another job to go to. I actually told them that i had a 100k job offer for a property investment firm in Sydney. I had my fingers crossed that they wouldn’t counter offer and give me more money to better my so called deal i was being offered….  Turns out 6 months later i get that offer. I start working as a top executive assistant for a property investment company that is doing so well and the CEO is so inspiring. I love it and couldn’t believe that my lie came true.


Another example was that i stop teaching dance classes because of how much time it took, the organising process, planning, marketing and honestly i prefer to teach one on one and really see the result in a big way. When I stopped teaching, everyone everywhere was asking me ‘so how is the school going’ and when hesitating to tell the truth because i felt like i failed and didn’t make the business into a growing empire, i stated i’m still teaching but just one on one to wedding couples and individuals around the eastern suburbs. Which I was but only teaching 1 couple, but I elaborated on the reality. Today i’m teaching 6 people twice a week private lessons in their homes and in my home studio just one on one private lessons! it doesn’t feel like work either so i have fun and do what i love to do. This is all without the hassles I had previously.

I guess if you lie to others/ yourself so much you need to believe the lye to make it real. In a sense it’s visualising your future and how you want it to be. Lie to yourself about how good you have it now. That your partner is the most incredible person in the world, you have all of the love everywhere, everyone loves your work, the day is beautiful, riches are everywhere. If you truly start to stop and treat everything as if it is the best it can be, image what will happen?


You’ll start to get those things. Your partner will be the best person and person you have always wanted, you’ll get that job or the better option for you, you’ll meet that random person on purpose, you’ll realise the rain of today is beautiful, the ocean is so huge and you’re only one part in this huge world. Image what you could accomplish if you didn’t care? If you didn’t count the cost? If you truly believe you deserve your dreams?


Positivity and purpose is ultimate key. Sometime you can even trick yourself into being that way and it will happen automatically! Try it, you’ll never know until you try.


Until next time… live your dreams…