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How to start a fashion company

So… I’m just at the beginning stage. Well i have done a lot of research, completed a launch event, got testimonials, in the process of getting 2 more products manufactured and now figuring out the next move.

They say that fashion is one the hardest industries to make it in. There are so many people trying to do the same thing. But this is something you just need to block out. I keep hearing it almost daily and it’s hard to stop the inner voice repeating it to you if something doesn’t quite go right.
But here goes, I love using my talent, I love business and you’re here because you love fashion. Of course that is the biggest MUST when starting any business, you have to love what you do.

I will go through all of my trials and tribulations throughout this blog and hopefully it can help you to build your brand and company a lot faster. This is because i believe that sharing Information, knowledge and stories is key to anyone’s success.

  1. Build your industry contacts
    Talk to everyone, Seriously even joe blow of the street. Ask them if they know the people who you’ll need to know. The main people who will help you are: Cutters, Makers, social bloggers or just social people, fabric wholesales in your area and boutique buyers.
    My current stage i have a fantastic company that have really held my hand during my learning process and they are in Sydney Australia. I wanted to do something locally to start with because then I can not only learn but be present throughout the entire process, which makes for a good product. In future when the company gets bigger i would recommend looking into off shore then. before hand can be a bit risky. It really depends on your market and your product. For me its evening wear for ladies so i want to make sure it’s perfect, i can feel the fabric and touch the final product before paying for it. Another benefit is doing small runs, 10-20 or even 50 products is a very small run. When you go offshore they expect to do 500-1000 runs of one product. Therefore it is harder to manage quality control but better for overall margin. Again this depends on you.

Start up fashion brand

Shopping valk

building network

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2. Build your social contacts
i have noticed that you must become your brand and represent your brand. If you’re a good girl from belair trying to sell tattooed heavy metal rock wear and you don’t suit the part it is unlikely that people will buy from you. You need to attract those around you to love what you do and who you are. Fashion is an art for and it will be a part of you so don’t be afraid to let people in when they ask you what you do. This business is all about being confident and knowing the right people. It all starts with who you are and if you are your brand.

3. Work with the best
One of the best pieces of advice i received was talking to the CEO/ Founder of MJ Bale a mens clothing company that specializes in suits and fitting just right. Matt said his biggest advice to give to me was to only work with EXPERTS. Experts he says. Again only work with experts of their field. Even trying to get the cheapest people out there really haven’t worked for me. I have tried it all. Sometimes it’s worth paying more so that it’s only one fee you have to pay rather than the dodgy one not really working and having to get an expert to do it again. Save yourself the time and money. Matt gets the wool for australia, woven in italy then hand made in japan. I mean i know we are all just starting out but wow what a team. Now he hires people from overseas to design for him in Australia. It’s amazing what this man started just because he was so determined.

Working with Experts

This is…

just the beginning of all of the things I have learnt so far. I hope this helps you ake up your mind to want to do what you love and follow your dreams. I created my brand around that because that is how i want to live my life. So live yours and make the decision to not sleep, build your brand and take it to the next step. Until next post… live your dreams.
Jacki Valk